BPM Newsletter September 2013

20 Sep 2013 by MatthiasKunze

Recent news have been sent on the bpm-conference mailing list. You can download the current newsletter on the September 2013 issue sent by Wil van der Aalst here (pdf, 3.3MB).

It presents recent developments in the BPM community, such as the BPM Tool Database, an upcoming online course on Business Process Modeling and Analysis, a follow up on the BPM Use Cases that encourages people to propose additional use cases or alternative ways to structure the BPM discipline, and a number of upcoming events and activities.

Further topics addressed in the newsletter are:

Reflections and Outlook on BPM Conferences

The newsletter first reflects on the successful BPM conference in Beijing (China) a few weeks ago. More than 260 BPM experts from 28 countries attended BPM and its collocated events.

Furthermore, the preparations for BPM 2014 in Haifa are running at full speed and the PC chairs of BPM 2014, Shazia Sadiq, Pnina Soffer, and Hagen Völzer, give an outlook on the upcoming business process management conference and invite both academics and practitioners to Israel.

BPM 2014 Topics

To further strengthen the role of the BPM conference in this multidisciplinary context, there will be some innovations in the review process for BPM 2014. In essence, the review process will be arranged by eight topics and each submission will be related to one or two of them. Two Topic Champions (TCs) are assigned to each of the topics. They promote the respective topic and coordinate the review discussions.

BPM Test of Time Awards

The BPM Test of Time Award honors the most influential papers presented at BPM A decade ago. First given in 2013 the BPM Test of Time Award applauds
  • Stefanie Rinderle, Manfred Reichert, and Peter Dadam for their paper Evaluation of Correctness Criteria for Dynamic Workflow Changes presented at BPM 2003 in Eindhoven (Test of Time Award 2013), and
  • Ekkart Kindler for his paper On the Semantics of EPCs: A Framework for Resolving the Vicious Circle presented at BPM 2004 in Potsdam (Runner-Up BPM Test of Time Award 2013).

Further awards have been given to
  • Chathura Ekanayake, Marlon Dumas, Luciano García-Bañuelos, and Marcello La Rosa for their paper Slice, Mine and Dice: Complexity-Aware Automated Discovery of Business Process Models (BPM 2013 Best Paper Award),
  • Jorge Munoz-Gama, Josep Carmona, and Wil van der Aalst for the paper Conformance Checking in the Large: Partitioning and Topology (BPM 2013 Best Student Paper Award), and
  • Rafael Accorsi (BPM 2013 Best Reviewer Award).