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As announced at BPM 2020, the Steering Committee of the BPM Conference Series has decided to establish a BPM Association. Its goal is strengthening education, research, and development in all aspects of business process management as well as increasing the impact of business process management on organizations, industry, and society.

The BPM Association builds on the activities conducted by the BPM Steering Committee for almost two decades. These include organization of annual BPM conferences and a broad range of community activities including Best BPM Dissertation Award and the bi-annual BPM Newsletter.

With the planned gradual development of the BPM Association, these activities will be complemented over the next years. In 2021 the BPM Association will organize a lecture series by thought leaders and young reseachers in business process management, aiming at fostering education in business process management for both researchers and practitioners worldwide.

The full benefit of the BPM Association is available for its members. Membership for individuals is free of charge. To apply for membership, please fill the form below. You will receive additional information on the gradual development of the BPM Association in the months to come.

Let me note that the BPM Association will substitute the bpm-conference mailing list that has been used for many years for, among other things, communicating the BPM Newsletter.

Mathias Weske, for the BPM Steering Committee

October 2020